Dream Team Coaching

  • Have you noticed that there is something going on with one or more members of your team, but you can’t quite pinpoint it?
  • Are there topics that people avoid talking about?
  • Are some either very quiet or overly aggressive in meetings?
  • Are team members exhibiting signs of anxiety?
  • Is perfectionism crushing creativity?
  • Do you witness or hear about back-channeling, gossiping, blaming or power struggles?
  • Are people afraid to give feedback or offer ideas?
  • Do you sense a lack of engagement among team members?

Whatever you or your team are struggling with, I can help.

Startup Culture & Change Management

Working for a startup can feel incredibly intense, with everyone working tirelessly toward a common mission with profound meaningful purpose. The environment tends to be “all hands on deck” and people feel supremely needed and valued. Such environments can lead to interpersonal enmeshment that is difficult and painful to disentangle as the company, team or project evolves. As someone who thrives in startup culture, I’ve been there and have successfully lead teams through change, and can help you and your team do the same — evolving your relationships with each other, finding healthier boundaries, and navigating change in a way that helps everyone feel supported, heard and valued so that collaboration and focus are optimized, not compromised.

Psychological Safety & Courageous Conversations ​

Research shows that the most fundamental driver of successful teams is emotional safety.​ ​Lack of safety within a team crushes creativity, risk-taking, productivity, engagement and innovation. When people are afraid to take smart risks and share bold ideas, or when they cannot have authentic and courageous conversations or give valuable feedback, everyone suffers. With over 25 years working in organizational development, relationship counseling, and team leadership, I am passionate about systems theory and have practical expertise in team dynamics and psychological safety. ​

Work-Related Anxiety

Anxiety can show up in different ways at work that we often chalk up to personality — things like a strong to be liked at the expense of compromising your values, frequent interrupting, having trouble delegating or feeling a need to micromanage, holding yourself to impossible standards, trouble speaking up or, alternatively, feeling a need to fill verbal space in meetings, insecurity about your thoughts or ideas, preoccupation with what people think of you. All of these things inhibit creativity and productivity.

How I Can Help

  • Assess dynamics or anxiety that may be causing unnecessary stress
  • Work with team members on minimizing perfectionism to boost creativity and innovation
  • Identify ways in which lack of safety may be showing up in the workplace, and share tools for preventing or rebuilding
  • Share practical ways to operationalize the principles of psychological safety and change management among your team.
  • Build awareness about which leadership behaviors foster trust and how to repair a rupture
  • Performance optimization – how to leverage strengths and challenge yourself to take your performance to the next level
  • People struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, giving feedback, aggression, insecurity, or anything with an emotional underpinning. We don’t separate who we are when we come to work, but some people feel they have to and that disconnect creates emotional distress.
  • Skill-building – giving feedback, having difficult conversations, speaking up more, building trust

How does it work?

I offer 1:1, team, and leadership coaching, either onsite or virtually. At a high level, I first aim to understand the person, their role, relevant historical perspective on presenting challenges, and current concerns. From there I work with team members individually and/or together to understand what is really going on, how to talk about it in a productive way, and ultimately how to change behaviors, resolve conflict, have tough conversations, and find more harmony.

Pricing depends on size of team and depth of issues you are facing. ​Contact me to talk about your challenge and how I can help.

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